💕💕💕 I’m Back Baby!!💕💕💕
I'm Back

💕💕💕 I’m Back Baby!!💕💕💕

Its been several years since I posted on my website. Mostly, because I’ve been so busy re-inventing my entire life!! There were so many times when I wanted to jump on here and do a quick post, but it would have been confusing if I didn’t explain where I’ve been and where I’m headed and kinda go into the details….so I didn’t post. Also, on many occasions, I wasn’t in the right space to be creative. So I carried on. And life kept getting busier and busier

It’s been quite the journey in my life since my last post. I mean, wowweeee! 😂 And speaking of change, technology has changed so much too-of course. So here it is! This is my story and the update as to what’s been happening in my life. SO MANY CHANGES!! Lord have mercy! I am working on a bunch of content and I’m really excited to share in with you.

2019 is the year to be FEARLESS baby! I’m going FULL in on this thing called life and I’m ready to turn the fun up several notches!! Everything in my life is next level happiness!! 💜👌🙌👏 Over the last few years, I’ve worked my ass off, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve strategized over many cups of Starbucks trying to sort things out and create the life I had been dreaming of for over 30 years!! Thats a long damn time to want something. So for it to finally be happening is nothing short of the hand of God working in my life! Yes, I just brought God up in here! 🙏 In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you would like to know! Do you have any questions for me??? I’ve got a lot to share! Thank you for being here and I’m glad you stopped by! ❤️😍

Lots of Love,


Its so good to be back! I’ve missed you guys!! 💕💕

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