Beauty Video :: Express Facial Using Argan Oil

Beauty Video :: Express Facial Using Argan Oil

Happy Monday my Fashionista’s –  I had a great weekend and I hope you did too.  I had the privilege of seeing a very good friend of mine – get married to the love of her life.  So exciting!!!

Today’s video is about taking care of your skin – when you don’t have much time.  I show you a quick little facial that you can do yourself using two different masks.  The first one is a Green tea peal off mask  – as shown below on the far left.  I also bought these other masks which I will use later.  I wanted to show you the different kinds you could buy. -Facial masks

The second mask is a vitamin rich mask that you can create at home.  In this facial, I am using the following ingredients: -Argan Oil -Argan Oil (1)

I mix all these things together to form a mask (see video below).

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  1. Thanks for the video babe. I NEED this bad! Must do this weekend 🙂

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