DIY Video :: How to Make a Custom Sized Nail Polish Rack

DIY Video :: How to Make a Custom Sized Nail Polish Rack

Hello my Lovelies!!

Do you have a bunch of nail polish bottles just sitting around in a drawer or a basket?  Have you ever dreamed of having a custom built nail polish rack that would fit neatly into a certain space in your home ???

Well….this is the video for you!! Why?  Because if I can do this – ANYBODY CAN!!!

I love the way this turned out.  I mean, I am not a super handy kind of gal.  Yes, I can fix little things like a broken nail, but to build my very own custom nail polish rack…lets just say, I was really impressed with myself.  Now, I can see all my nail polish colors at a quick glance.

This may not mean much to some people, but if you enjoy doing nails like I do, this is critical people!!!

Oh, in case you were wondering…this whole project was done at right around $40!! Keep in mind, my nail polish rack is HUGE.  Meaning it can hold 171 bottles of polish!! Your’s doesn’t have to be that big.  You can literally design something a lot smaller and more compact shelf depending on your needs.

As always – Thanks for watching!!

List of supplies used:

  • (1) Fascia Board – 8X12
  • (2) 1 5/8 X 1/4X 6 -Tall Lattice Board-**These were sold by the foot
  • (21) 11″X 1 5/8 Lattice Boards – **These were sold by the foot
  • Hot glue gun w/lots of glue sticks
  • *** Please note – I didn’t end up using the Gorilla Glue


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