Beauty Video :: Where can you buy discount nail supplies?

Beauty Video :: Where can you buy discount nail supplies?

Happy Monday!

As promised, here is my Monday video.  Let me just say this BEFORE you watch the video.  I feel like I need to put a disclaimer here – LOL.


I am new to Youtube.  What you are about to see may be informative and completely laughable at the same time.  Either way, you will be entertained.  My editing skills are very beginner, but I am doing the best I can for now.  As I get more familiar with the software, etc, my videos will get better, I promise.  Anyway, ENJOY!

I love all things beauty so when I find great bargains, I love to share them with you.  I was really excited to find this place and if you live in the Northern Virginia area, you should try and check it out.   I’m sure they have places like this in most big cities, I just never knew about them. If anyone knows of a great place to buy discounted name brand makeup, let me know.

P.S. All the contact information for this store is below the video (inside Youtube)

Thanks for watching!


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