Ask Diamond # 5

Ask Diamond # 5

Hey Guys!

I know, I know.  Its been a little while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve had so much going on (all great stuff) and its been a little too much for this girl to handle.  I wish I could clone myself.  But since that’s not possible, I’ve had to juggle all the demands on my time.

Anyway, we are here together so lets celebrate!  This weeks video is a brand new “Ask Diamond” with some pretty cool questions.  Check it out!

Have a fabulous week!


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  1. Government regulates marriage in the same way they regulate murder, stealing, and other hateful crimes. The Government's job is to protect the people. Just because Marriage is a pre-political institution doesn't mean it shouldn't be regulated or protected in the same way that murder is a pre-political act in which people already recognize as wrong. Government regulations are a response to human morals, not the definer of morals, therefore it should be assumed that the Government should be involved in supporting those morals. As society morals decline (or improve) the Government will follow accordingly (especially in a democracy).

  2. Don’t you sit a litle toward the illiterate end of the scale to be contemplating a life of letters, Kadyshes? Maybe you could write it in Russian. In fact, given how underdeveloped the Russians are socially, relative to the US/West, they could be the ideal market for your philistine ramblings. You cunt.

  3. 192Tiens ! Ca manquait un peu les vidéos. Ce n’est pas du tout le genre de musique qui m’accroche mais faut avouer qu’elle a une très belle voix & qui porte vraiment. Au sujet de ce que tu disais sur la lecture des mags féminins, tout le monde en lit même les hommes. Par contre, j’en accumule tellement que je ne sais plus où & comment les ranger….128

  4. I know from experience how much these zitters hurt. When I had mine, couldnt sit without being drugged up. Had it surgically drained in the OR…felt amazing when it was gone.

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