Video – Ask Diamond # 2

Video – Ask Diamond # 2

Hi Guys and Happy Monday!

I am off to the Dominican Republic today for some much needed R&R.  Here is this week’s Ask Diamond video.  Its a little candid and off the cuff.  You guys told me you wanted to see it as is, so here ya go.  Please remember to post some more questions that you’d like me to answer.  It could be anything from questions about life, business questions, relationships, kids, you name it.  Ask me anything!

As always, thanks for watching!


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  1. Hi Diamond! Love your blog and especially your star actor Chewy, he’s got talent 😉 I was wondering how your holiday was at the Dominican Republic? All the best and of course I will keep track of your blog!

    1. This is a really inegllitent way to answer the question.

    2. It would be pretty cool Sam, but I know what you mean, only being able to walk as far as your cord could be a little frustrating!Bring on wireless power!Thanks for your comment, welcome to the community Christopher – Admin Team

    3. Aupa SSergio,Está bien tener localizada la web del singular, aunque mejor sería poder encontrarnos próximamente en el lugar, avisa cuando te pases por el centro de la capital :DY La Riza mejor ni pisarlo, la verdad…¡Vente a Bilbao, mentecato! :DAgur 😉

    4. So glad you guys are getting back to a bit of travel. Glad to see Sage and Baby M are getting started young. Way to go Mom and Dad! Looks like you all had a fabulous and warm holiday. Love from Budapest. (And hopes that the Macy’s will travel our way again in the future – with a bigger crowd than last time.

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