Urban Chic :: Leather Leggings & Jimmy Choo

Urban Chic :: Leather Leggings & Jimmy Choo

Its Fashion Friday!

Today’s Topic:

Self Promotion

Did you know that YOU are your biggest fan?  The question now becomes “Do you act like it”?  The other day, I heard this woman give another woman a compliment.  She said “That’s a cute dress you have on”.  The woman receiving the compliment quipped back “Its not that great because I need to lose weight, but one of these days I’ll look good again”.  The woman giving the compliment had this look on her face like Ah, maybe I should have never said anything.

When someone compliments you, take it!  Say Thank You.  But you can’t do this if you really believe in your heart that you are not worthy of receiving a compliment in the first place.  You have to be your biggest fan and tell yourself everyday how wonderful and great you are. If you don’t believe this, than you have to say it more than once a day, until you get it.  NO matter where you are in life or what your struggling with, there is always someone else who has it worse.

Self promotion is necessary in every aspect of your life to some degree, especially business.  If you are self employed, this is even more critical.  Some people will argue and say this is wrong.  That its a pompous thing to do.  I say its not only healthy but necessary to survive in a competitive environment.  Just think about it,  Do rappers say in their songs, “yeah, I’m good, but so and so is better”? NO! They say “I’m the world’s motherfu&*in GREATEST!!”  That’s how you have to feel about yourself at all times.  I realize this comes more naturally to some people than to others, but I’m here to you that YOU are special.  If you don’t see it yourself, than you have to open your eyes.  You have to only hang around people that build you up and love on you.

Learn not to care what others think of you and learn to love yourself.  Learn that “if you want something you’ve never had before, you have to become someone you’ve never been before!”  Brain Tracy.

Now, on to the outfit of the day……

Black and white is always a fun combination.  I bought this Tank Top because I liked that it had a long zipper that runs up the back.  I had no idea what “Trill it” means.  I later found out the meaning.  It’s slang and means True and for real. Trill.  Whatever.  Its cute.

 diamondleone.com - H&M Trill T shirt (1)

diamondleone.com - H&M Trill T shirt

diamondleone.com - Karen Millen black and white handbag

diamondleone.com - Karen Millen Handbag

diamondleone.com - Trill it T-shirt (1)

diamondleone.com - Trill it T-shirt

diamondleone.com - BCBG Leather leggings

diamondleone.com - Jimmy Choo Black and silver booties

Well I hope you guys have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday with a brand new video.

Big hugs and thank you so much for reading!


What I’m wearing:

  • Top – H&M
  • Bottom – BCBG
  • Shoes – Jimmy Choo
  • Handbag  – Karen Millen
  • Jewelry – Bebe

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  1. Such a pretty and stylish outfit!

  2. You look amazing. Good job!

  3. Such a fun outfit

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