Faux Fur and Statement Necklace

Happy Monday girls!

I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.  I was at church yesterday and my Pastor was talking about the importance of having the right influences around you at all times.  He was saying that the friends you keep dictate your success (in your relationship with God) more than any other factor. Now, we don’t have to bring religion into this, because you can easily see how this can apply to your life and your success overall.

I know this to be true but to hear a man of God speak on this topic was eye opening.  I heard a saying once… if you are the smartest one among your group of friends, you need to get new friends.  I’m not suggesting you run out and sever friendships, but its definitely something to think about when making new friendships.  You may want to ask yourself “is this person on the same page with me morally”?  “Is this person genuine and honest”, or “would this person really have my back if I needed them”?

Friends are the family members we choose, so choose carefully!

Now, on to the fashion…..

Today’s outfit was inspired by Santa Claus – LOL just kidding!  I crack myself up.  No, really when I saw this faux fur vest at H&M, I knew I had to play with it.  Its soft and delicate texture make it compatible with lots of different pairings.  I went for a more casual look by opting to put it with jeans from True Religion and a blue and white button down top from BCBG.


Headshot Boots and Clutch

Full Outfit

I just love statement necklaces.  This piece came from the Gem and Jewelry Show.  http://www.intergem.com/shows/upcoming-shows



Clutch from Shoe Dazzle.  Similar one here http://www.shoedazzle.com/products/WOOTON-3

I got a finished look to this vest by adding a red belt that I found in a boutique in NY.  Similar ones here



Well I hope you enjoyed today’s message and outfit.  Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Help Someone!

Big Hugs and thanks for reading!



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