Soft silk ruffles and Levian canary diamonds

Happy Monday!  I am so excited because this is the first week that my babies don’t have school.  I still have to work, but we will definitely carve out some time for something fun this week.  Can’t wait for the pools to open.   Did you have a great weekend?  I’m almost finished with my closet.  I know its been a long time coming.  Trust me, this has been a huge undertaking for me.  It’s not that the project itself is so big, its trying to fit this project in with everything else that’s going on in my daily life.  Good-ness.

Oh, so this weekend, my friend Kristy from showed me this new app called Vine.  Its so cool.  You can record 5 second videos and post them on Facebook or Twitter.  I recorded my first one using this app and posted it to Facebook.  My first video is silly and its sideways, but you gotta start somewhere.  You can check it out here

I need to carve out more time to spend with my good friends.  I get so caught up with work, my kids and life in general that I forget how necessary it is to have my girl time.  Does this happen to you?  I don’t know about you, but I always feel this sense of being rejuvenated after catching up with one of my girlfriends.

Today’s Topic:

Being a good listener

Everyone deals with problems differently.  Some people talk about them.  Some folks don’t say anything, they process it silently and either take action or not.  I’ve always been the type of person, that if you come to me and tell me about a problem you are having, my brain automatically goes into solution mode.  Before you are finished with your sentence, I have already come up with a few things that I can suggest to help you.  I always thought this was not only helpful, but I also thought it was “being a good friend”.

It took me a while, but I learned that sometimes people don’t always want you to solve their problems for them.  When someone comes to you and they are telling you about something unfortunate that happened to them, they may just want you to be a good listener and listen.  Sometimes they need your empathy and not your advice.  They just need someone who can agree with them on how hard their struggle is and be understanding of just that.  That’s it.  I have made it a point to be a better listener.  I don’t give solutions unless they ask for it.   It took me a while to get this, but when someone feels that you are really listening to them, they feel safe.  This is far better than any solution or advice you could ever give.

Now, on to the fashion……

This outfit makes me feel sexy for some reason.  I think its the length of the shorts and the fact that I have long legs.  You see, I wouldn’t wear a skirt this length because it would be way to short.  But when I put on shorts, it’s like the same effect, without the scandal.

Pic1-Bebe pink top with ruffles

Pic2-Express black and white shorts

Pic3-Bebe pink top with ruffles

I am a big fan of Levian jewelry.  They make a lot of pieces for celebrities and famous people.  Me, I’m just a proud collector.  This yellow canary diamond ring and bracelet are delicious.


Pic4-Levian yellow canary diamonds

Pic5-DC fashion bloggers

These Louis Vuitton talented leather pumps are so classic in nature.  They are reminiscent of a men’s shoe by having a masculine structure but clearly they are oh so feminine.

Pic6-Louis Vuitton talented pumps

I hope you have a great week.  Thank you for reading today’s post.  Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Inspire Someone.

Big hugs,


Rock my look:


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  1. Oh my gosh Diamond. I think my heart just stopped. Good thing I’m a nurse and could give myself CPR! That ring and bracelet are just a breath of spring air! Wow, wow and wow. My bracelet is similar but with chocolate diamonds. The yellow is incredible! ! I’ve been to many couture shows and have never seen one so special 🙂

    You are spot on about the shorts vs skirt length, I never thought of it that way. .. I was just looking at pictures of my mom in the early 60’s and there she was rocking some pretty sexy shorts and a tube top when really most women daily dressed very just struck me as odd. . now everything goes lol. Just love the shoes!
    And lastly, the advice is once again so perfect. I definitely need to listen more and talk less…… 🙂

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