Rock Rebel and sinful denim wings

Friday’s here again!  I really can’t believe how fast these weeks are going by.  Maybe its because I’m older, maybe its because I’ve gotten more busy, I don’t know.  Its just that every time I turn around another week has passed by.  Well one thing is for sure… I am definitely getting a lot done.  My kids are almost out of school for the summer so I am trying to finish as many of my outstanding projects as I can so I can spend some good quality time with them.

Today’s topic:

Dream big

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an actress and model.  What little girl doesn’t like attention and looking pretty.  I loved fashion even back then.  My mom took me to a modeling agency and the guy told me I was too fat.  I was not even 100 pounds, but according to him, I was too fat.  I remember walking out of there thinking if I have to starve myself, to hell with it all.  Not to mention, he tried to sell us on taking some modeling classes and we didn’t have the money, so that was the end of that.  But secretly I still wanted to be a model.  Now, you have to understand that me entering the fashion arena was the least of my mother’s concerns.  She was too busy trying to put food on the table and at times we even suffered homelessness.  Again, to me, this was my dream.  I didn’t know how at the time or the path that would get me there, but I knew I wanted to at least try it some day and see what it was like.

Its easy to tell someone to dream big or to never give up.  But if you are in a situation where all the odds are stacked against you, you may fell like there is no hope for you.  I am living proof that you just have to hang in there.  Don’t give up.  Maybe right now is not the time for your break out role or your fashion debut, but you’ll have your chance if you stay focused, plan and work hard.  Maybe its not the creative arts that you aspire to at all.  Perhaps you want to start your own business and get out of the 9 to 5 rat race of working for someone else.  Guess what: you can!  No matter what it is that you want to accomplish, there is a systematic way to get it.  Every successful person has figured it out and you can too.

Aside from setting goals and staying the course, you have to sometimes be patient.  For me that is the hardest part.  I have NO patience.  I want it yesterday!  I’ve always been that way and who knows if I’ll ever change.  I push myself harder than anyone could ever imagine when I want something.

After many years of working hard and paving a way for myself, I met a local designer and he asked me to be in his upcoming fashion show.  Every outfit I modeled was custom designed just for me.  Beautiful floor length ball gowns with custom hand stitching.  I felt so honored and special to have this experience in my life.  It was almost surreal.  There I was: this girl who used to be homeless, and had no money, no father and a bag full of bad luck – I was strutting up and down the runway having a blast.  Life is funny like that.  Years after that, this designer ended up designing my wedding dress and made the entire dress by hand.  I still have this dress to this day.  Every bead on that dress reminds me of the hard work that it takes to make things happen in your life.  Its not easy, but its not supposed to be.

No matter what cards life has dealt you, you can always figure out how to play the best hand possible.  There’s so much more to my story that I would love to share with you one day.  Stories of ups and downs that would rival any great movie script.  But for now, just know this: you can accomplish anything you want.  Maybe you won’t get it all at once, maybe you’ll get it in small doses over time, but be on the constant look out for opportunity in your life.

Now, on to the fashion…..

Okay so today is my FUNKY FRIDAY outfit.  This is one comfortable cotton ensemble let me tell you.  These sinful denim jeans with wings are an attention grabber.  Both the top and bottom are by Rock Rebel Clothing and I can’t explain how I feel every time I wear these jeans.  Its like I just feel like such a bad ass.  Do you have anything that makes you feel like this?



So what do I pair my bad ass jeans with?  PINK – LOL  and lots of it.  I mean, who wears pink patent leather boots.  I do! and so does Betsy Johnson if she were in this conversation.  Speaking of which, those are her rose earrings that I’m sporting.






Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s message and post.  Have a fabulous weekend and remember, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Inspire Someone!

Big hugs and thanks for reading


Rock my look:

  • Top and bottom – Rock Rebel Clothing
  • Boots – Square one
  • Handbag Bag – Candace
  • Accessories – Betsy Johnson earrings; Cross necklace – my closet

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