Sheer tassel tee and printed denim

Happy Wednesday!

We’ve had rain the last few days and its a mood killer as far as I’m concerned.  Actually I don’t mind the rain so much as I do the overcast and gray skies, ugh.  To all my friends in Cali….you are so lucky!

Today’s topic:


Some people give it, some people take it for granted, others want it and some never find it.  A while back, I had a conversation with someone  (won’t say any names).  They were going through a divorce and they, like many of us who have been through it, were trying to make sense of it all.  But here’s the thing that caught my attention.  He was telling me that he and his wife loved each other but somehow couldn’t make it work.  I said, lets talk about love for a minute.  How do you know she really loves you?  He was baffled.  What do you mean, he asked.  I said well… if love were an action, meaning a verb, what does she do to show you she loves you.  Again, he was stumped.  Listen folks, anyone can say they love you.  But what do they do to SHOW you?  Love without action is like chewing without swallowing.  What the hell is the point?

I could talk about relationships for days but it really is quite simple when you think about it.  Go by what a person shows you and NOT by what he/she tells you.  Do you agree or disagree with this?  If you could name one thing you have learned about love, what would it be?  Please share.

Now, on to the fashion…..

Today’s outfit was inspired by….Ahhhh,  love.  Hence the big tassel heart on this sheer Tee from Love Culture



These funky jeans are what I like.  I bought them during my trip to Turkey.  I paired this fun tassel heart shaped tee with these jeans to balance out the edginess and crazy factor


These bad ass studded and buckle boots were the perfect companion to this crazy ensemble.  I love it!


I am modeling this outfit for you in front of the old Vienna library.  But there won’t be any reading today because this library has been closed for years.  Its the original library for this town.  Probably only fits 3 people in there anyway.



Thanks for reading!  I hope I have brought a little more cheer to your day. Until the next time….Dress Fierce, Be Creative, and Inspire Someone.

Big hugs and thanks for reading!

  • Red cropped quilted leather jacket – Bebe – one found here
  • Heart shaped tassel Tee – Love Culture (old)
  • Printed denim – Gizia
  • Studded boots – Steve Madden – similar here
  • Handbag – Boutique in Florida
  • Cuff Bracelet – TJ Maxx
  • Love earrings – Bebe

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  1. All I can say is wow… To the outfit and to the words. I actually have tears in my eyes. I know I am a fair bit older than you but your words come across as so old and wise (don’t take that the wrong way please). Just today I sent my dear father a letter (well let’s call it a small novel actually) as since my moms passing our relationship has deteriorated beyond belief and I was such a daddy’s girl growing up! The theme of my letter was actually that actions speak stronger than words. I even said that to him. I sat here for hours today writing it while writing and speaking to you earlier and now I come across this little post from you that just took me by surprise 🙂


  2. i love you yellow floral pants.

  3. So true. So very true

  4. Words can say whatever but behaviors dont lie. In love and in life……

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