Pink Champagne Dress and Louis Vuitton Booties


Happy Wednesday Everybody!

I hope you had a great weekend. I spent the weekend working and getting caught up on things that I dreaded doing. I also spent some time thinking about a situation going on in my life right now. This situation has brought with it fear, anxiety, and stress to name a few. I am working my way through it and I wanted to share some thoughts with you about something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives, fear. Have you ever been afraid of something? Fear can be debilitating. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your stature in life is, its all relative.

We all have something that we are worried about on some level. I don’t have a magic solution but there are two things that has actually helped me to overcome fear. When ever I’m afraid of something, I ask myself what is the worst thing that can happen? Then I take out a piece of paper and I write down all the actionable steps that I can take to do something about the issue at hand. By first identifying the absolute worst thing that could happen, it neutralizes the fear. This act makes fear feel like its not so threatening after all. Then when you do step two, which is to list all the things that you can do to take action, you take back your power.

You are looking fear right in the face and you are saying I am stronger than you. Fear has to back down! Isn’t that empowering? What have you been afraid of lately in your life? Is it a circumstance that you fear you cannot overcome? Is it a financial situation that you don’t know how you can rise above? Is it the fear of losing someone you love? Share your story so maybe you can help others.

Now, on to the fashion….

Today’s outfit is a pink champagne Dress that is girlie and fun.  Alone, this sleeveless dress can be flirty and fun because of its soft texture and its fit and flare.  But since I love pushing the envelope, I decided to take this dress to another level by adding a Roberto Cavalli embossed leather jacket, some pearls and Louis Vuitton black patent leather booties.  These accessories turn this ordinary dress into an explosive outfit that turned LOTS of heads. You could even wear this dress with a blazer and boots to get a totally different look!

Thanks for reading and until the next time…. Dress fierce, Be Creative, and Help Others!

Big Hugs,


Louis Vuitton Heels and Roberto Cavelli Jacket
Pairing a delicate champagne pink dress with edgy jacket and patent leather heels

Silly me

Okay, I’m silly at times but this is what makes life fun

Vintage Peacock handbag

This is a vintage inspired, ball clasp purse I found in a Florida boutique a few years back.  Its crazy and quirky which is why I love it!

Full Outfit

Close up and Personal

Louis Vuitton booties

I’m sorry but these are some bad ass heels!  Thank you China, Uh, I mean Louis Vuitton.

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