BCBG Coral and Diamonds, oh my

BCBG Coral and Diamonds, oh my

Hi Girls! Well its Friday and Thanksgiving is next week!  Are you going turkey shopping this weekend?  We will talk more about Thanksgiving and why its one of my favorite holidays on my upcoming Monday’s Blog – You won’t want to miss it.

I was talking with an old friend today.  He’s in between jobs right now and was struggling with the decision as to weather he should go back to his old career path or find a new one.  After talking a while, I started asking him about what he was passionate about.  I asked him “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what type of career would you want?”  I’m going to ask you the same question.  So often we are secretly yearning for a better career, a better life.  Something that will excite us.  But we never give ourselves permission to pursue it. Why is that?  Well, I’ll tell in one simple word.  FEAR.

I’m not saying go quit your job without a plan.  I am saying that once you start asking better questions, you will start getting better answers.  Fear can be crippling but the one thing that defeats fear and stops it in its tracks is a firm plan of action.  In what area of your life are you struggling with fear?  Get out a piece of paper and write down all the actionable steps you can take to systematically start conquering this problem.  Can you try this?  Lets discuss it.

Now let’s check out the fashion!….


This coral color is so in right now.  Its not usually a color I go for, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone.  What do you think about this color?

Every year I go to the International Gem and Jewelry show.  It is amazing!  Every piece I buy, I get so many compliments.  I even thought about selling some of it on my website because the pieces are so reasonably priced.  Let me know if you want me to do this!

OMG, look at the shoes (not my veins -LOL) These shoes are fierce and guess what….so comfy.

and lastly…….wait for it.  Wait for it…..

OOOOH!!!! I love this Louboutin bag.  What girl doesn’t love leopard print?  If you remove the chain, it becomes a clutch.

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