Turqouise Tryst :: Bold pattern and sleek lines

Turqouise Tryst :: Bold pattern and sleek lines

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today’s Topic:

The power of a smile

I woke up this morning feeling so blessed.  I am so thankful for every single person that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on this planet.  Now, before you go getting concerned….no I’m not dying.  Its just that when I stop and think about it, every person I have met has taught me something, even if it’s a tiny little thing, its still important.  Yesterday, I was walking into a store and people were all around me.  Everyone was so busy with their lives going about their day.  I was no different.  I too, was consumed with my own thoughts of what was on my “To Do” list.  When out of no where, this person looks up and makes eye contact with me and just smiles.  That’s it.  A simple smile.  To them, it was just a friendly gesture of two people about to bump into each other and one of them being polite as if to say, excuse me.  Or maybe they were thinking “get the hell outta my way lady”  After all, I do live in Northern Virginia.  Anyway…..I digress.

To me, it was more than that.  It reminded me that I need to come out of my own busy world sometimes and be more present.  It reminded me that I need to never take for granted the power of smiling at another human being,  for it may be the only smile they see that day.  It reminded me that for every horrible story you hear on the news, there is still so much love and goodness in this world.

And lastly, it reminded me that if you pay attention, you can see the beauty in all things.  Both good and bad.  Every single person that I’ve ever met has been a blessing in my life’s journey, and that makes me smile with gratitude.

Now, on to today’s outfit of the day:

Architecture and fashion, I love it!  This dress has both an interesting pattern and color which is why I’m enamored with it.  Not to mention its super comfortable with its blend of rayon and spandex material

Pic 1- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress

Pic 2- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress

Pic 3- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress

You could easily wear a pair of flats with this dress to make it more of an everyday look.

Pic 4- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress

Pic 5- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress (1)

Pic 6- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress

Pic 7- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress

Pic 8- Diamondleone.com-Karen millen dress

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday.  Oh, and don’t forget… Monday I will be giving you the link so you can check out the big reveal of my closet makeover.

Big hugs and thank you so much for reading!


Rock my look:

  • Dress and shoes- Karen Millen
  • Handbag – My closet
  • Sunglasses – Versace
  • Earrings – Francescas
  • Bracelets – Charming Charlie

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