Polka Dot Date ::  Tapered Capris & Laced Pink Tee

Polka Dot Date :: Tapered Capris & Laced Pink Tee

Its Friday and I’m ready for the weekend.

Today’s Topic

Getting Things Done

Have you guys heard of a book called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  Well I read this book a while ago, like 2 years ago.  Its kinda boring to read, in fact I feel asleep several times over until completing it.  However, the tips and techniques I learned helped me to set up some really cool systems to get and stay organized in my office and my life. They even have an APP for the Iphone and a version for your desktop.  One of the things I learned was how to organize my “To Do” list.  I learned about a Tickler file system so you don’t ever forget to pay a bill or RSVP for a party.  You name it.  There is a complete system this guy shows you and you pretty much get your life in order as a result.

Would you guys like me to shoot a video and show you some of the techniques I use to organize my office and life?

Let me know!

Now, on to the outfit of the day….

Here is today’s fashion post.  Today’s outfit is casual and perfect for running errands or meeting a friend for lunch.  I love the bright colors mixed with polka dots.  This outfit was photographed not too long ago when we had a warm day here on the East coast.  It could be winter outside but if there is one beautiful day, I seize the opportunity to snap a few pics.  All my Fashion Bloggers know what I’m talking about.  Its all about the pictures people!

DiamondLeone.com - Betsy Johnson Flower earrings 005

DiamondLeone.com - Betsy Johnson Flower earrings 006

DiamondLeone.com - Chanel Black Patent Leather Handbag

DiamondLeone.com - Neon Pink Top

Polka Dot Capris  001

Polka Dot Capris  002

Polka Dot Capris  003

Polka Dot Capris  004

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday with a brand new video.

Big Hugs and Thanks for reading!


What I’m wearing:

  • Top – Dots Fashion
  • Bottom – Venue – Bahamas
  • Shoes – Manolo Blahnik
  • Handbag – Chanel
  • Jewelry – Betsy Johnson

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