Pinstripes and Pearls

Pinstripes and Pearls

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m in a great mood today.  I am on my way to the gym and after that I’ll be in my office working my butt off the rest of the day.  Today’s work is tomorrow’s reward so off I go.  I encourage you to set a goal for this weekend.  What are 3 things you’d like to accomplish before you get back to work on Monday.  Maybe you’d like to hit the gym.  Perhaps you’d like to clean up your house or organize some area that needs it.  Whatever it is, just write it down, post it where you can see it and tackle it.  I want to hear from you to know what you accomplished!


Now, on to the fashion….

Today I felt like being sophisticated, but not too much.  I pulled a pair of pinstripe pants and paired it with the matching vest.  From there, I added a black scoop neck t-shirt under the vest for simplicity and threw on a collage of necklaces which include of course some pearls.  A pair of Bebe shoes and Jimmy Choo handbag from my closet add a pop of color.

This outfit perfect for a regular day at the office or you can modify it for happy hour with friends by letting your hair down, and losing the vest.  Keep the pearls though!

Have a great weekend and get lots done!






Leaning against wall

Against wall with hand bag

Jimmy Choo Handbag

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