Neon tights and studded faux leather vest

Happy Wednesday girls!

I hope your week is going great! You know often times, we think we have to do something huge and monumental to make a difference in this world.  The truth is, we don’t.  You can simply hold the door for someone who is struggling with their hands full, or you could offer to pay for someone’s lunch who forgot their wallet, or you could get on your knees and pray about the tragedies that you hear on the news.

There is someone very dear to me who has struggled with some of the biggest challenges in her life.  You would think she would crumble under such major obstacles.  Instead she is beacon of light for those in her situation.  She sends out inspirational texts every single day to encourage and uplift those around her.  I mean wow!  When I see her texts, I read each one.  I know that behind those letters displaying on my iphone, is someone who really wants to make a difference in someone else’s day.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Now, on to the fashion…..

I told you, I had a fun and crazy side to my personality.  Here she is.  This is a very old multi-print tunic dress I picked up somewhere along my travels.  It kinda reminds me of the Ed Hardy style.

Pic1-Full outfit

Neon colors are trending right now so I added these neon fushia tights to breathe new life into this old tunic dress.Pic2-full outfit

The juxstaposition of this faux leather studded vest lends to the ubber rocker girl look I’m going for with the ensemblePic3-Vest

Pic4-upper body

Pic5-Guess clutch


Well, I gotta run and finish some projects I’m working on.  I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Inspire Someone!

Big hugs and thanks for reading!




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