Wacky Wednesday :: Are You Lion?

Wacky Wednesday :: Are You Lion?

Happy Wednesday,

Today’s Topic:

The Finger or the Manicure?

I love to have fun!  And it shows in my fashion choices sometimes.  Like today!  I put outfits together based on how I feel and when I look at this ensemble, the first thing that comes to mind is “I want to have some FUN!”

How are you guys doing out there?  I hope you are not letting the Holidays stress you out.  I’m excited for Christmas!  I actually got a little Christmas gift early this year.  I was cutting a bagel this morning with a sharp knife and missed the bagel and sliced my finger, ouch!  After giving myself a mini lecture about how incredibly stupid a move that was, I quietly pulled the skin over the wound and tried to pretend it didn’t happen.

What was I thinking!!!  Blood was everywhere.  Talk about being in denial.  Damn.  Denial is real people.  I know because that’s exactly where my brain decided to go.  Then I remembered having a conversation with myself that I better face reality and decide if I need stitches.  However, the dominant though stuck, literally stuck, on my frontal lobe is that this cut is going to hurt like a bitch when I get a manicure later.  WHAT!!  How shallow am I?  A hella lot is my guess, but who cares.

While I decide the fate of my manicure and my finger (oh my Gosh, notice the order of my priorities today – geesh), you guys have a great week and enjoy today’s fashion post.

Big hugs and thanks for reading!


Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 1Why is this Lion licking his lips?  I don’t know, but I like it.  Hey – did you know that Leone means Lion.  Maybe that explains why I have a long mane and killer instincts.  Haha just kidding, but it sounds bad ass, doesn’t it!

Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 2

]Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 3

Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 4

Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 5

Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 6

Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 7

Bebe Colored Denim & Graphic Tee 8

What I’m wearing:

  • Top and Denim Vest – Forever 21
  • Bottom – H&M
  • Hat – Forever 21
  • Boots – Forever 21
  • Handbag – Jimmy Choo
  • Ring – Forever 21
  • Earrings – Bebe

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  1. Diamond, I thought i was subscribed and started noticing I wasn’t getting these.
    The outfit, love it, just could never wear pink, I look like a little girl in jammies in pink.
    Overall, loving your style, fashion over 40 that makes you feel 30, this is why I am sad I’ve missed the past posts, gotta catch up.

    Jeanette and I are fans as you can tell. Hoping to meet and see you at JCK this year. Possibly share a table, would love to pick your brain on some of your ideas.

  2. I feeling an 80’s vibe ! cute as always. Just wondering why lion is wearing glasses, maybe so he can see you better before he takes a bite (hence the reason he is licking his lips:)
    did u get stitches??

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