Leopard Love Couture and Gucci

Happy Wednesday Girls!

I was chatting with my sister today.  We were talking about the future and what life can sometimes throw at us.  And the question came up…..What if these were the best years of your life – right now?  I don’t know about you but its easy to fall into the “one day” trap.  Meaning, one day, when I retire, I’ll travel, or “one day” when the kids go off to college, I’ll take up that hobby I’ve always wanted to try, or “one day” when I have enough time, I’ll start working out at the gym.

What if that “one day” never came.  Seriously.  What if something happened and when you look back on your life, these were the best years.  The years you are living right now.  What would you do differently?  Would you stop and smell the roses a little more?  Would you laugh more often?  Would you find a way each day to carve out a little time for a friend or someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

I think our culture demonstrates that something better is always around the corner.  That somehow we have to keep our eyes set on what the future holds.  But what if we could just truly be present in the moments of right now?  Just a thought.

Now on to the fashion….

I have a wild side and this leopard print top from Love Couture sets it off.  Look at the leopards eyes staring at you.  Its like the Mona Lisa of fashion.  Kinda.

Full Body


Side view



Hair Down

The straps and lace are screaming  – Business in the front and party in the back!


I found these Leopard pants in Turkey over the summer from a store called Gizia.  Check them out here:


Gucci Boots

These Gucci leather boots are a staple in my closet.  The sleek and sophisticated design can be worn during the day or paired with an evening ensemble.  Very versatile.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Help Someone!

Big hugs and thanks for reading.


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