Lemon or Lime :: Swirled Capris & Neon Cardigan

Lemon or Lime :: Swirled Capris & Neon Cardigan

Happy Wednesday,

I hope your week is going well.  I’ve been working hard filming some videos which I think you guys will enjoy.  Speaking of videos, as many of you know, I recently converted a guest bedroom into a fabulous closet.  I shot a video of this project and it will be featured on my You Tube channel this coming Monday – July 15th.  I will post the link on Monday morning – so please look for it.

Today’s Topic:

Don’t Worry

Have you ever stressed over something so much that it made you feel a sense of anxiety?  You worry and worry about it and that’s all you can think about.  Everyone has different problems so its all relative. It could be your weight, maybe you need to make more money, maybe its your health that’s failing, or maybe your having issues with family drama.  Whatever it is, it adds stress to your life in a big way.  I was talking to a friend the other day and we were sharing stories. I told her this story and I’ll share it with you guys.

I was laying in bed one night and my mind was racing.  I was thinking about all the things that make a glass half empty-not half full.  You get the idea.  We’ve all been there.  Negative thoughts and self doubt were creeping in and keeping me awake and then it hit me hard.  Like a ton of bricks actually.  What am I doing?  Why am I not calling on God to help me?  Why am I not praying for help, for guidance, for wisdom.  Its like playing a game of basketball and forgetting you have other team mates to pass the ball to.  No, I’m not Kobe Bryant in this story -stay focused.  Seriously, I had a huge aha moment.  So I started to pray.  The next thing I know, I felt this sense of peace come over me.  The kind of calmness that my soul needed.

No matter what your worries are, please remember you are not alone.  I don’t know what your worries are, but all that matters is that you have faith.  You don’t have to muscle your way through life’s problems all by yourself, you can call for help if you need it.

Now, on to the fashion….

You know those days where you want to dress conservatively and go un-noticed? Today was NOT one of those days!  Good Lord, I thought I’d blind myself every time I looked in the mirror.  This is one bright outfit.  But I like it.

Pic 1- Diamondleone.com -Bebe neon yellow sweater

Pic 2- Diamondleone.com -Miu Miu pink clutch

Pic 3- Diamondleone.com -Dots printed denim

Pic 4- Diamondleone.com

I love the bright colors of yellow and green together.  Reminds me of spring time and fresh flowers

Pic 5- Diamondleone.com-

Pic 6- Diamondleone.com-

Pic 7- Diamondleone.com-Lemon and Lime fashion ideas

Pic 8- Diamondleone.com-Dot's fashion capris

Pic 9- Diamondleone.com-Custom made heels

Well if this post didn’t brighten your day, I don’t know what could. Have a great week and as always, thank you so much for reading.

Big Hugs,


What I’m wearing:

  • Top – Boutique in Aruba
  • Cardigan – Bebe (old)
  • Bottom – Dots fashion
  • Shoes – I designed these myself at: Morgan Miller
  • Watch- Levian Jewelers
  • Handbag – Also Seen here- Miu Miu Clutch

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  1. Love the spring colors .

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