Kate Spade colors in full bloom

Happy Friday Girls!

Well it looks like our weather is finally getting warmer.  The weekend is here and I’m excited! Here’s today’s question:

Do you know your worth?

Have you ever stopped to think that in all the hundreds of millions of people roaming this earth; there is only one you.  No one else has your exact eyes, nose, personality, etc.  How awe-inspiring is that?! You are truly one of a kind.  Why do you think that is?  I know Scientist will come up with a logistical reasoning to explain this but I have a simpler explanation…its because you are special.  How special are you?  Here’s the cool part…you get to decide!

How much you love yourself determines how much you value yourself.  And the higher value you place on yourself sets the bar for how other people treat you.  If you are being mistreated by someone, ask yourself…”why am I allowing this person to mistreat me?”  Your answer will probably lead you back to your self worth and the value you have placed on yourself.   You are one of a kind and you are so special.  DEMAND respect from those around you and more importantly, show respect to yourself.

Now, on to the fashion…..

This outfit was inspired by the need to express myself using color.  I felt so happy today that I couldn’t help but to shout it out through my fashion choices.


This geometric patterned halter dress from Express really makes a statement.  My accessories and sandals added the bohemian look to balance color.


This Kate Spade bag and its rich blue color scream “its summer time, grab your popcycles!”





I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Inspire Someone.

Big hugs and thanks for reading


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