Orange and blue and Jimmy Choo


Well I hope your week was better than mine.  I mean I’m happy for all my blessings don’t get me wrong. Its just that sometimes life can come at you fast, that’s all.  I know you can relate.  I’ve been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with things, but I know it will get better.

Today’s topic: Letting go

Have you ever been in a relationship that you were not all that happy with, but you weren’t really miserable either, so you just stayed put?  Have you ever had a friendship with someone that was toxic but you have so many years of history together that you just can’t part ways?  Or how about a friend or family member that you love dearly, and you can see they are making some terrible choices in their personal life that are not going to end well for them and you try and give your advice, but they just won’t take it?

I have had the luxury of being in all three of these scenarios at one point or time in my life.  Its not easy.  In fact, its really hard to know what to do or when to do it.  There’s no cookie cutter answer but I will share some of what I learned.  I learned that sometimes when you are in a difficult situation, you have to just let go of it.  I know we all want to fix people but the truth is you can’t fix anyone but yourself.  You have to know when its time to let go.  How do you when its time to let go of an unhealthy friendship or relationship?

Here’s the answer: When the stress of a dysfunctional relationship starts to take a toll on your emotional well being, its time to let it go.

Life is short and if you are walking around unhappy, its time to CHANGE some things up.  If you are in a situation that you don’t feel you can change, its probably because you are lacking courage.  The question then becomes, how can you build up your courage.  You do this by improving your own self esteem.  Read some books, talk to a friend or get some counseling.  Letting go may seem hard to do, but it is oh so liberating once you do it.  I’m not a counselor but I’d be happy to take your questions and help out anyone who may be struggling.  I really mean it.  Email me in confidence using my contact page.

Now, on to the fashion….

Today’s outfit was inspired by comfort and color.  This bright orange blazer from Bebe can turn an ordinary jean day outfit into something a little more refined.



This statement necklace is the perfect addition to this outfit because it brings the girlieness and playfullness back to an outfit that might otherwise be more conservative





And then there’s Jimmy Choo.  These JC boots are edgy and fun and can be worn to achieve so many looks.  I have worn them with leggings and skirts and let me tell you, Jimmy Choo never disappoints.Very comfy too!


Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Inspire Someone.

Big hugs and thanks for reading!


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