Video :: How to organize ALL your household paperwork

Video :: How to organize ALL your household paperwork

Hey Guys and Happy Tuesday!

Here is this weeks video.  For those of you who know me personally, you know I am all about organization.  I find that I am more proficient and way more productive if I know where everything is and I can find it easily.  If you are already organized and your life is perfect, this video is not for you – LOL.  But I know there are some folks who could really enjoy this method of organization.

Today I am going to show you how I keep track of all my household paperwork and stay organized.  I learned this system from my amazing sister years ago and I have loved it ever since.  I tweaked it of course, but the main idea came from her.  You should tweak it to fit your needs if need be.  I used to use the “Traditional’ drawer filing system, but the problem with that system was that I dreaded it.  I HATE filing papers.  With this system, you don’t feel like you are filing anything, rather you are inserting your papers into a pocket.  I know, it sounds stupid, but it works, trust me on this.

Watch and let me know if you like it.

Oh, one last thing.  I have another really cool idea for organizing things that are “time sensitive” in your life.  Things like Birthday invitations, tax bills, checks that need to be deposited, you name it.  Basically anything that is time sensitive and that you need to take an action on at some date and time.  If you’d like to see this awesome little system I use, let me know.  I learned this system from reading the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  The book might put you to sleep, but I already read it and can share with you the quick and dirty tips I learned.  Let me know if your interested and I will shoot a video to show you!

Big hugs and as always, thank you so much for watching!


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