Halter bustier and relaxed cotton ensemble

Its Fashion Friday!

I have had an amazing week so far!  Feels so good getting stuff done and its only getting better.   I am looking forward to having some fun this weekend to celebrate and honor all my accomplishments this week.

Today’s topic:

Being transparent

Years ago, I had a guy friend who, from my perspective, was just a friend.  We worked together and sat right across from each other.  He knew I was single and mentioned that he had a friend that he thought I might really be attracted to.  So I allowed him to set me up on a blind date.  The day of my blind date setup, I spoke to my guy friend and told him I was nervous.  What if I don’t like this guy, how do I end the evening early without hurting his feelings, I said.  He reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and I needed to just relax.

That evening, I showed up to meet my blind date and walked toward the dinner table.  As I approached, what I saw next shocked the crap out of me.  The guy who was sitting at the table was my friend.  What are you doing here, I said.  That’s when he came clean and told me that he had made up this whole blind date story to get me alone and profess his feelings for me.

Now some of you may say, oh that’s sweet and possibly romantic.  I didn’t see it that way at all.  More like stalker-ish and creepy.  I was in my early twenties when this happened but this story always comes to mind when I think of the word “transparency”. My friend apologized for weeks afterward for putting me in such an awkward position but I never looked at him the same after that.  I felt like I couldn’t trust him again and that was the reality of it. Why couldn’t he just tell me how he felt?  Why did he make up this story about introducing me to someone?  Weird.

Looking back and having matured over the years, I now realize that a lot of people suffer from not being honest about how they feel about something.  Look, there is so much power in being transparent.  It doesn’t matter weather you have a crush on someone (like the example used in this story) or if you are a spouse who is being treated unfairly, or if you are an employee who was told your position was going to be one set of responsibilities then, once hired, you’re given a whole different set of tasks that you aren’t happy about.  Speak up.  If you can just be open and honest and tell someone what is on your heart, you gain a certain level of respect from that person.  Even if that person does not like what you are telling them, or even if they don’t agree with you, they have no choice but to respect your honesty.

Now, on to the fashion….

One of my favorite places to have brunch is a place called Peacock Cafe in Georgetown, DC.  The weather was beautiful on this day and I wanted to dress comfortably but yet still have a sense of style.  I found this leather halter bustier in Aruba.  At first, I was like what the hell is this thing, then I put it on.  It was so funky and unlike anything I’ve ever worn before.  That’ what I love about fashion!  Always different and always fun.



My goal was to make the bustier the focal point of my outfit, so I paired it with a simple long sleeved tee shirt and denim.





The brown boots compliment the brown in the bustier while the vibrant blue color in my handbag brings back the element of modern sophistication


I hope you a have a fabulous weekend!  Thanks for reading.

Big hugs,




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  1. Now that is an eye catching ensemble! Super sexy without anything really exposed so in many ways also very conservative …. You must have garnered a bit of attention that day 🙂 I’m with you though , if I had seen that in a store I would have tried to put it on upside down as a belt while trying to figure out where those straps go….hehe

    I have one question though. How big is your handbag boot closet?? Lol

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