Happy Casual :: Embroidered Heels & Button Necklace

Happy Casual :: Embroidered Heels & Button Necklace

Happy Friday!

I hope this week has been good to you.  If not, kick back and relax because the weekend is here.  Go out and enjoy yourself.  Do something fun.  Summer will be over before you know it.  Can you believe they are already putting the fall clothes on the racks at stores.  I understand it and I know why they do this, but still…it makes me feel like summer is almost over.  Please stay Summer, we love you.

Today’s Topic:

It’s Time to love yourself

This is for you. This is for me.  Its time to start living with no regrets. Its time to move beyond your own expectations.  Its time to forgive yourself from the past and move confidently towards your future.  You only live one life.  This is it.  Listen to your heart and fall in love with yourself-all over again.  Don’t let others judge you.  And even more, don’t let others define you.

It is time to break the chains of self pity and self doubt.  You are beautiful and special and I just wanted to be the one to tell you that today.

Big hugs and thanks for reading!

Today’s outfit of the day is great for running errands or just being relaxed.  Whenever I wear a top that has a bold pattern or color, I try to balance it out with a solid color.  That is what I’ve done here.

Pic 1- Diamondleone.com-Fun summer outfits

Pic 2- Diamondleone.com-How to pair red shorts

Pic 3- Diamondleone.com-How to pair red shorts

I found this necklace on a trip to London.  Its handmade and its awesome because its made with buttons and newspaper and God only knows what else.

Pic 4- Diamondleone.com-necklace made of buttons

This handbag is quirky and has an odd shape which is exactly what attracted me to it.  I found this years ago at a boutique in Florida.

Pic 5- Diamondleone.com-unusual handbags

Pic 6- Diamondleone.com-fun manicures

I love experimenting with nail art.

Pic 7- Diamondleone.com-Buffalo Exchange finds

Pic 8- Diamondleone.com-Fun summer outfits

Pic 9- Diamondleone.com-quick and easy summer braids

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  I will see you back here on Monday with a brand new video.  I think I will be uploading the video on “whats in my beach bag”.  We’ll see how the editing process goes….

Have a great weekend!

What I’m wearing:

  • Top and bottom – Vera Wang – Khol’s
  • Shoes – Buffalo Exchange
  • Jewelry – London find
  • Handbag – (old) – boutique in Florida

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