Dreaming in Blush :: Laced overlay Tunic & Cropped Faux Fur

Dreaming in Blush :: Laced overlay Tunic & Cropped Faux Fur

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Mine could have been better as I had a few setbacks but I’m looking forward to getting lots done this week.

Today’s Topic:

Reinventing yourself

I love the idea that if you don’t like something about yourself, you can just change it.  There are many chapters to one’s life and I believe that with each new chapter, we can decide if we want to stay the same old “self” or switch things up a bit by reinventing ourselves.  To me, the process of reinventing myself doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to changing the way I dress or my personal style, but rather its a transformation of the way I see myself that’s most important.  When I look back to the days when I was a stay at home mom, my inner world was so different than my inner world today.  The way I saw myself, the way I saw others and my overall perspective was limited to what knowledge I had in my head at that time.

To begin the process of reinventing yourself, you have to become armed with knowledge.  You have to first identify what you want to change about yourself in the first place.  What qualities do you like about yourself and which ones do you want to change?  I have written a second book recently and I’m in the process of editing it.  Its called “Get your happy back”.  In one of the chapters, I talk about this very subject.  I believe its important to do these self assessments regardless if you decide to make any changes.  Because at the very least, you will have a better understanding of who you are as a person.  I could honestly talk a lot more about this subject but I don’t want to bore you guys.  If you want to know more, please do let me know.  I have toyed with the idea of developing a course around this topic because I think people could benefit from a step by step guide that can not only walk you through how to do it, but makes it fun at the same time!

Please let me know if you, or anyone you know, might want me to do this and I will get to work on it.  I love to share what I’ve learned over the years and I’m always looking for ways to do it better.

Now, on to today’s outfit of the day…..

When I saw this blush colored tunic at H&M, I immediately wanted to try it on.  This is a color I don’t see everyday and it exudes femininity with its pale pink and lace attributes.

Pic 1- Diamondleone.com - H&M blush top

Pic 2- Diamondleone.com - Guess cream clutch

Pic 3- Diamondleone.com - Forever 21 open toe booties

It was slightly windy so I pulled this faux fur from Bebe from my closet to keep me warm.  It really is as soft as it looks.

Pic 4- Diamondleone.com -Bebe faux fur cropped jacket

Pic 5- Diamondleone.com -Guess cream and tan clutch

Pic 6- Diamondleone.com -Forever 21 open toe booties

I found this creamy dreamy rose necklace at a boutique in Florida.  Its fun, fun, fun.  Oh and it has matching earrings too.  Bonus!

Pic 7- Diamondleone.com -cream colored rose necklace

Pic 8- Diamondleone.com -Tunic and leggings

I can’t help it.  I love fashion and will till the day I die.  I will be one of those old lady’s you see with the big sunglasses and the “what the hell is she wearing” kind of get up – that will be me.  YOLO baby.  YOLO.  Uh, that’s You Only Live Once.  My kids HATE when I use that.  I guess its already out of style.  I can’t keep up with this younger generation and their stupid acronyms – LOL.

Pic 9- Diamondleone.com -Tunic and leggings

Pic 10- Diamondleone.com -Bebe faux fur

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Have a fantastic week.  Thank you so much for reading.



What I’m wearing:

  • Top – H&M
  • Bottom – Bebe
  • Shoes – Forever 21
  • Jacket – Bebe
  • Neclace – Boutique in Florida
  • Sunglasses – Versace
  • Handbag – Guess

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