Fashion Forward :: Cow Skirt & Cobalt Blue

Fashion Forward :: Cow Skirt & Cobalt Blue

Happy Friday!

Today’s Topic:

Being kind to yourself

I was in yoga class this morning and while I was stretching and bending my body, I thought to myself how wonderful I feel.  I didn’t particularly want to go the gym today, but I forced myself.  I knew I needed it so I went.

Have you ever felt kind of down?  Maybe you can put your finger on whats causing your sadness and maybe you can’t.  I was feeling sad and in my case, I knew exactly why.  But I’m sharing this with you because I know everyone experiences these moments of sadness.  The good news is, they eventually do pass and that’s good.  However, its dealing with these feelings while they are happening to you that fucking sucks big time.

So I learned something pretty awesome that I want to share.  I have learned that even if I don’t feel like doing something fun and enjoyable during these times, I force myself.  Think about it, if you have to force yourself to go to work, or do something work related, then why shouldn’t you also force yourself to have some fun.  People think having fun and relaxing yourself just comes easily.  Well if your in a rut, guess what…they don’t call it a rut for nothing!  You have to PULL yourself out.

I am actually a fun person and anyone who knows me personally will tell you that.  I love to laugh and act stupid way more than the average person.  I haven’t figured out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  The truth is I don’t really give a shit either way.  I am who I am.  Oh and that’s another thing… I have cursed more in the last 6 weeks than I have in my entire adolescent youth- LOL.  It feels so good to drop “F” bombs.  Why is that? Absolute potty mouth lately.  Again, don’t worry…this too will pass, I promise.

But I feel that its important to not only share the happy times with you guys, but also share when I’m not so on top of the world.  I am not alone, you are not alone.  So whats my latest feel good thing to do?  FOOT RUBS baby!  I am so into foot rubs I can’t even tell you.  In fact, the mere thought of whats going to happen to my feet later this weekend gets me all giddy.  There’s this place called “Comfy Feet” and its like heaven to your soles.  haha heaven to your sole…thats pretty funny.  Anyway, when you first get there, they wash your feet (its a massage kind of wash, not the lather soap and rinse kind of wash), then they massage your neck.  After that, you lay back, put your head on a pillow and they cover you with a blanket.  Then, oh my gosh, then.. they just get to work on your feet and legs.  If you don’t enjoy foot rubs, this post is creeping you out right now.  But if you do like them, you are hanging on to my every word. LOL.

Okay, I think I’m back to being happy.  Well, at least I’m on my way.

If you like foot rubs, let me know.  I mean if you really really like them.  You have to share.

Okay, lets talk fashion now,

A while back, I was in New York.  It seems like I’ve been in NY a lot lately.  Okay, I kinda have.  Anyway, on this particular trip, I was in Zara and stumbled upon this cow skirt.  I don’t know what else to call this thing, but it looks like a cow.  Its adorable.  I tweeted and asked you guys if I should buy it.  You said YES.  SO here it is. -Zara Cow skirt (1)I styled my “cow skirt” with this cobalt blue top with leather trim.  I added plum accessories to give it a pop of color. -Zara Cow skirt (2) -Zara Cow skirt (3)Whenever I find a piece of clothing that can challenge me artistically to style it, I love it.  That’s what this skirt represents. -Zara Cow skirt (4) -Zara Cow skirt (5) -Zara Cow skirt (6) -Zara Cow skirt (7) -Zara Cow skirt

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here this Monday with a brand new video.  I think I might do a video on organization.  Would you like to see that?

Big hugs and thanks for reading.


What I’m wearing:

  • Top and skirt – Zara
  • Shoes – Guess (the store, I’m not asking you to guess- LOL)
  • Bag- Jimmy Choo
  • Earrings – Levian Couture

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  1. Sure … haven’t seen a video for some time, Diamond!

    Are you writing a book? Did you get much input on “cheating?”

    All the best to you and your beautiful family. I’ll be finishing school in the next week, then I’m off until early February. Classes are only on Tues and Thurs in the spring so, I’ll have plenty of four-day weekends and a day in the middle to boot!


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