Color Blocking :: Sunburst Denim and Blue Ruffles

Color Blocking :: Sunburst Denim and Blue Ruffles

Happy Monday!!!

I hope you guys had a great weekend.  I worked so hard recording a video on saturday, only to find out that my really expensive camera with a built in recording feture is a piece of crap when recording videos.  What to do.  The whole video was so shaky I felt like I was getting sea sick, except I was still sitting in my chair.  So I have to re-record the whole thing.  But first, I have to go find another camera.  Who said vlogging was easy.

Today’s Topic:

Being Humble

I’m no one to tell anybody how to live their life.  But when I learn about interesting things that I feel others can benefit from, I like to share it.  If someone can apply it to their life, great.  If they don’t want to, thats fine too.  I have learned so much from other people and I feel its my responsibility to give back the knowledge that I learn as well.

One of the lessons I learned throughout my life is to always be humble.  No matter how successful or wealthy I become, I will always try to remain as humble as I can.  You know who I think is a good example of this…Denzel Washington.  Years ago, I was reading a book that he wrote called “A hand to guide me”.  It was his debut as an author and I have to say, I was really impressed.

I can’t begin to summarize the whole book because it was so long ago that I read it.  But I remember him talking about the mentors that helped him throughout his life.  He spoke about the importance of paying that forward and how we all have a responsibility to lift other people up whenever possible. I remembered him being so humble in the way he was talking about all this.  His words were calm and came naturally.  The kind of words that you hear when someone is very old and reflecting on the end of life.  But he was still young and in his prime.

I thought to myself, wow!  Back then, Denzel was at the top of his game.  He had tons of money, a booming movie career, tons of fame, and everyone wanted a piece of him.  I’m sure women threw themselves at him and Directors pined over who would get to work with him next. Why wouldn’t they, he was mega talented and smokin’ hot.  Still is.

My point is this: through it all, this super popular, super famous, super rich guy has remained humble.
He is still married to his best friend and wife Paulleta since 1983.  In hollywood years, thats an eternity!  Now, I’m not suggesting that the longevity of his marriage makes him a good guy.  He also serves as a mentor and is a great father too.  Being humble is what I think keeps someone like him grounded.  And for you and me, being humble can help guide us to the life we want to ultimately have.

Now, on to the fashion….

I love the vibrancy of this royal blue strapless top.  I paired it with some equally bright yellow capri’s to balance it out.  Yellow and blue go so well together that it seemed like the perfect choice. tops capri denim

I love the soft cascading ruffles that form this strapless top.  The silk black belt breaks up all the blue and adds a waist line capri denim West clutch West clutch Spade color blocked pumps

The red and blue suede in these Kate Spade pumps lend to my color blocking theme.  I love the cute little patent leather lack bow.  By the way, these heels are super comfy! earrings


I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  I will see you back here this Wednesday.  Have a great week!

Thank you so much for reading.


Rock my look:

  • Top – Bebe (old)
  • Bottom – Marciano by Guess
  • Shoes – Kate Spade
  • Earrings – also seen here – Goodfeelings Jewelry
  • Handbag – Nine West
  • Accessories – My closet



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