Citrus Sensation:: highwaisted shorts and colorful strappy sandals

Its Wednesday and my week is going well.  Its been an adjustment for me (work wise) having the kids home all day, but I’m slowly finding my new balance.  I have to say, I love this warm weather! I feel such a sense of freedom wearing shorts and sandals.  There’s something so liberating about wearing less clothing.  Why is that?

Today’s Topic:

Nourishing your soul

Your soul is undeniably the first principal of your being.  It comprises the essential you. It is your nonphysical self, your true nature that shapes your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  It is there to be your guide and your constant companion.  When you make decisions that are not right for you and go against what you know deep inside your heart to be good, you tend to feel uneasy.  You can’t sleep or become irritable.  You know that something is off.

I believe our souls need to be nourished.  While it may be impossible to completely understand your soul, you should commit to feeding it, or you can lose your way.  I nourish my soul by sharing my happiness with others and by cherishing the good in other people.  I try to find ways to express my love and kindness in my relationships.  When I think positive thoughts, when I  give compliments to others, when I volunteer or help someone less fortunate, I am feeding my soul.

Love, faith, happiness, hope and compassion are all nutrients that strengthen us and heal us and ultimately make us wise.  Feed your soul as best you can.  As often as you can.  And remember, your soul is never for sale.  Don’t let someone or some opportunity ever get in the way of you being your authentic self.  This message was from my heart to yours.

Now, on to the fashion…..

Highwaisted shorts are a big trend right now.  I decided to try them out when I stumbled across these citrus colored ones at Arden B.  I’m not normally into highwaisted shorts, but I gotta tell you, these really fit quite nicely.

Pic1- Urban Outfitters sleeveless denim top

Pic2- Versace sunglasses

When you wear anything highwaisted, you want to pair it with a top that will compliment it.  Meaning the top should either be tucked in or in this case, tied.  You want to show off the highwaisted feature because that is the beauty of it.

Pic3- Big Budha yello multicolored bag

Pic4-Citrus colored shorts from Arden B

Pic5-Stewart Weitzman strappy sandals

I want to give a special thanks to my friend Levent Inal who took these wonderful pictures.  He is so talented!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Inspire Someone!

Big Hugs,


Rock my look:

  • Top – Urban Outfitters
  • Bottom – Arden B – Here
  • Shoes – Stewart Weitzman
  • Handbag – Also seen here –Big Budha
  • Sunglasses – Also seen here – Versace
  • Accessories – My Closet




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  1. Diamond love the black and white photo, I know it doesn’t really show the outfit but it definitely shows yours spirit!
    Shorts are super cute and a great value…. just have a question .How the heck do u match your coffee cup to your outfit?? 🙂

    1. So funny! I didn’t even notice. LOL

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