Army green jacket and floral tights

Happy Motivated Monday girls!

Today I got my annual mammogram.  These are NEVER pleasant for any of us girls but its a must.  If you are over 35 years old and you do not get a mammogram at least every two years, I urge you to please go. Just do it.  Like many of you, I have a thousand things going on and its almost easy to say “maybe I can just skip a year”, but that’s just plain not smart.

I sat in the back room, with nothing on but my gown, wondering how many women go in for a routine check up and are told something is wrong.  It was a huge reminder that life can change in an instant.  Remember this….some things are beyond our control and somethings are definitely within our control.  This preventative step is well worth it!  I won’t get my results back for 3-5 days so wish me luck.

Now on to the fashion!

Of course I had to wear a two piece outfit.  They tell you when you book your appointment.  Because of the seriousness of this appointment and the act of dreading it all together, I decided to cheer myself up by wearing a laced cream colored skirt from Zara and floral tights by Forever 21.  Oh how floral patterns brighten my mood.


The army green ruggedness of this jacket blends perfectly with the girlyness of the laced skirt and floral tights.  It lends a nice toughness to this already delicate look.


Bag, Tights and Boots

I love these tan boots with strappy buckles.  I cannot tell you how many outfits I have paired them with

Against the wall

Clutch and Accessories

I have always been a huge fan of handbags by Guess.  Back in the day when I couldn’t afford the really expensive ones, I would find the most stylish handbags and clutches at Guess.  I mean look at this clutch!  Its under $100 and to be honest, it looks nicer than some of the more expensive ones in my closet.  I love Guess.


Full Outfit

I have messy “Post-mammogram hair” and I don’t care!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  If you have any stories of hope for someone struggling with breast cancer, please let me know so we can share it with others.

Big hugs and thanks for reading!


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