Schools in Session :: Argyle Dress & Talented Pumps

Schools in Session :: Argyle Dress & Talented Pumps

Happy Wednesday!

Todays Topic:

Walks with Chewy

For those of you who don’t know, Chewy is my cute little Multipoo.  He’s called a “Hybrid” breed and that’s a fancy word for a mut.   They purposely breed a Maltese with a poodle and out comes little Chewy’s.  He is as adorable as the day is long but thinks he’s a Rottweiler when someone rings the door bell.  So that’s where Chewy came from and how he is.  But more than anything else in the world, Chewy loves to go for walks.  Whenever Chewy and I go for walks, its a special time for me because it helps me to unwind and step out of my life temporarily.

It gives me a break from thinking about my own problems, to do lists, kids, errands that I need to run or people I want to smack…you get the idea.

The only thing that exists in my world during my walks with Chewy is me and this little fur ball at the end of the leash I’m holding.  It’s kinda magical really.  See pic below.  Anyway, what is your Chewy?  Do you have something that helps you escape the world around you?  Well if its legal and morally decent, and you’d like to share, please do!


Now, on to the outfit of the day!  Yay, fashion……

All this back to school stuff recently put me in a school girl kind of mood.  I am wearing an argyle sweater dress that I found in the Bahamas, of all places.  I wanted to pair a belt with this dress to accentuate the waistline, but the pattern in the dress was already busy enough.  So I looked through my belts and found a rather simple one that was perfect. - argyle sweater dress (4)

These are called “Talented” pumps by Louis Vuitton.  Funny name if you ask me, but I guess you need to be talented if you are going to school.  These heels have sort of a masculine business like feel to them, and I like it! - Louis Vuitton talented open toe pumps - Nine west black clutch - argyle sweater dress - Argyle sweater dress (3) - argyle sweater dress (2) - argyle sweater dress (1) - argyle sweater dress (5) - Louis Vuitton Talented pumps

Well thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.  I will see you back here this Friday.

Big Hugs,


What I’m wearing:

  • Dress – Venue boutique in Bahamas
  • Shoes – Talented pumps by Louis Vuitton
  • Stockings – Charlotte Rousse
  • Handbag – Nine West
  • Earrings – Bebe
  • Belt – My closet
  • Bracelet – TJ Maxx

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