Haul Video :: NY Shopping Trip – Zara and H&M

Haul Video :: NY Shopping Trip – Zara and H&M

Hello Fashionistas!

I was recently in NY for some other business, but of course, had to check out a couple stores while I was there.  I have to say New York shopping NEVER ever disappoints.  Like Never.  I had so much fun running through the streets from store to store.  It was like a scavenger hunt of sorts, but a fashionable one.

I love to shop but the thrill of shopping for me is to find pieces that are so unique.  Meaning when you put them on, its like WOW!  The other thing that really intrigues me is to find a weird/fun piece and then make it a personal challenge to style that piece into a complete outfit by finding the perfect combinations.  I guess this is why I started a fashion blog in the first place.  I really LOVE fashion.

In Today’s video, I show you guys the cool stuff I found while in NY.  These items are still in these stores right now, so if you see something you like, you can still get it.  And I just want to mention, if you have a piece and you are not sure how to style it, send me a pic and I will tell you what I would do with it.

Take a look and let me know which piece is your favorite!

As always, thanks for watching!


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