Throwback Thursday :: My How Time Flies

Throwback Thursday :: My How Time Flies

Hi Guys,

Where does the time go!??  I have really missed blogging and glad to be back.  I have been working on some pretty import projects earlier this year and thankfully, they are all finished.  Just in time for the Holidays!! Yay.

Today’s Topic:

Taking Risks

Life is all about taking risks if you ask me.  They say that people on their death bed regret what they didn’t do more so than what they did do.  So I say, in the world of fashion….TAKE RISKS!!  Who cares!  An old wise man once said “Those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”  Actually I believe that wise man was Dr. Seuss – but you get the point.  LOL

So to help me ease back into the world of blogging, I have decided that maybe I will just post once per week for now.  This will help me manage my everyday life load, and yet still be able to share fun outfits and inspiration with you guys.  I have actually been toying with the idea of re-doing my Blog all together.  I guess that will be my next project.  The verdict is still out.

But for now, lets just enjoy this collage of pictures that showcase some outfits of the day OR “OOTD” as we Bloggers like to call them, that I posted a while ago.





I remember when I took each one of these pics.  Its crazy when I look back and see the fashion risks I take.  Some are good and some are just flat out fun, but at the end of the day, its being willing to take the risk in the first place, that matters.  NO matter what your age, weight, or body shape, I hope you dare to take some fashion risks.


Have a GREAT weekend and Thanks for reading!



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  1. THRILLED you are back… gonna need to show you the leggings you inspired me to buy 😉

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