Leggings and Geometric Shapes

Happy Monday Girls!

I hope you had a great weekend! I am back from my vacation.  My kids and I had a wonderful time.  I will be preparing those fashion photos and posting them soon.  I am super motivated to get to work.  My batteries are recharged and I’m ready to get a lot of things checked off my big to do list.  This list never ends by the way.

I feel so inspired for some reason.  As you can tell, I love fashion and its through these outfits that I bring to you every week, that I share a little piece of my personality and style.  I think its important to be creative and express yourself.  Its okay to be different.  No matter what kind of work you do, you can always find a small way to express yourself through fashion.  Maybe its a funky clutch, or a whimsical belt, or some kicked up shoes to add some flavor.  Whatever it is, find a way.  Its fun to do!

Now, on to the fashion….

Today’s outfit is rather simple in nature.  This one piece tunic dress from www.francescas.com is adorned with geometric shapes that are somewhat pastel in color.


Full Outfit

This dress has a light and airy fabric so I wanted to pair it with these delicate floral earrings from Forever 21.

Full outfit 2

I added this simple black patent leather belt to create a waist and give a more sophisticated look.Belt

The accessories are older and I can’t remember where I got them.  Note how the colors don’t exactly match but thats what makes it interesting!  Its easy to play with color but some people are afraid.  I say start with your accessories because they’re small.Bracelet and ring

Upper Body Shot

Louis Vutton BootiesAnd of course, these Louis Vuitton patent leather booties compliment the belt and add a bit of edge to complete the look.

Until the next time, Dress Fierce, Be Creative and Help Others.

Big hugs and thanks for reading!






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