Simple Stripes :: A-Line Dress & Berry Accessories

Simple Stripes :: A-Line Dress & Berry Accessories

Hi Guys!

I hope you are staying warm.  We are expecting yet another snow storm.  Can you stand it?  I know, snow is beautiful blah, blah.  I’m over it.

Today’s Topic:


Nothing bothers me more than to hear women say they will not wear certain outfits because of their age.  I’m not talking about crazy fashion choices here like spandex or the type of outfits that when you look at it, you would say “That looks ridiculous”!  These women won’t even wear perfectly great outfits that look fabulous on them, simply because they believe that someone of their age should not be wearing it.

I say, age is just a number.  If you like it and look great in it, why wouldn’t you just go ahead and rock it?  Just be yourself.  Who cares what other people think.  Fashion is all about risk, no matter what your age!!

Now, on to the outfit of the day…..

Lets brighten things up a bit.  I love this cute little striped dress from Express.   Its so much fun to put on a quick outfit and have it look cute, with minimal effort.  Sometimes when I style outfits, I put a lot of time into every detail.  This outfit was not that way at all.  I threw it all together in minutes.  I love it when this happens so I can appreciate it. - Striped Dress from Express 1 - Striped Dress from Express 2 - Striped Dress from Express 3 - Striped Dress from Express 4 - Striped Dress from Express 5 - Striped Dress from Express 6 - Striped Dress from Express 7 - Striped Dress from Express 8 - Striped Dress from Express 9 - Striped Dress from Express 10 - Striped Dress from Express 11 - Striped Dress from Express 12

Its so much fun being a girl. Have a great week!

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress- Express
  • Shoes – Gucci
  • Handbag – Jimmy Choo
  • Belt – Dots Fashion
  • Bracelet and Earrings- Forever 21


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  3. Diamond my daughter had that dress. . looks adorable on both of you 🙂

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