Neon Fling :: Studded Leather & Cobalt Leggings

Neon Fling :: Studded Leather & Cobalt Leggings

Happy Friday!  I hope you guys had a fun and spooky Halloween.  I dressed up as a Viking Princess.  I posted some pics on Facebook, but I think only friends can see them.  If you want to see them, let me know and I will post them here also.


Today’s Topic:

Upgrading isn’t always better


Wow, what a week it has been.  You may have noticed there weren’t any posts this week – except for this one of course.  Here’s what happened.  Apple recently upgraded to a whole new operating system Called Mavericks.  When I say recently, I mean as recent as last week.  In addition, they decided to roll out new upgrades for ALL of their applications as well.   Not thinking too much about it, I hit the “Upgrade Now” button and waited patiently for the computer to do its thing – all with the anticipation that afterwards, my life and workflow would some how be…well, upgraded.

I have learned a very valuable lesson this week guys and that lesson is this: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

After all the upgrades, my computer crashed.  Several hard drive erases and numerous hours later on the phone with tech support, I had to lug my 27″ IMAC into the Apple store.  Do you have any idea how hard this can be wearing heels!

Long story short, I wish I had waited.  There is nothing wrong with waiting a few months to upgrade to give them time to work out all the bugs.  No one told me this, I had to learn the hard way.  Maybe in sharing this story, it will help you.

I am up and running now although not without some glitches.  I’ll take it.  So glad the tough part is over.  I just want to mention that the video that was supposed to go up this past Monday will now be available this coming Monday, Nov 4th so you won’t miss a thing!!

Now, on to what I love to talk about most….FASHION!!

Today’s outfit is colorful and warm.  I enjoy wearing neon colors whenever I can.  This one is easy and effortless which is always nice - Neon blue tights H&M (2) - Neon blue tights H&M (3)I love how the bright yellow sweater and the bold cobalt blue leggings are so vibrant by themselves, but yet compliment each other nicely. - Neon blue tights H&MI decided to pair this leather studded vest to add some edginess and break up some of the color - Neon blue tights H&M (1)

Neon yellow sweater H&M (1)I found this handbag years ago at a boutique in Florida.  It kinda reminds me of the Valentino classic design but its way more playful.

Neon yellow sweater H&M (2)When you have two bold pieces, try to add something that brings the two together.  This handbag serves as just that for me.  And the flower design brings an element of femininity which I love.

Neon yellow sweater H&MI hope you guys enjoyed today’s post as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.  It feels good to be up and running again.  Let me know what you think of this outfit.  Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see here on Monday.

Big hugs and thanks for reading!


What I’m wearing:

  • Top, bottom and vest – H&M
  • Boots – Square One
  • Bag – Boutique in Florida
  • Jewelry – Betsy Johnson

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  1. Beautiful bag

  2. Super cute….I love it!

  3. Cute casual look :)))

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