Monumental Moments :: Halter Top Romper and Gold Accents

Monumental Moments :: Halter Top Romper and Gold Accents

Happy Wednesday!  This week is really going by fast for me.  I have to remind myself to enjoy this summer because its going to be over before we know it.  So I got to thinking….what are some of the things that I would really like to do before the end of summer.   I wrote them down and below is what I came up with.   Do you have a Summer Fun List?  If so, I’d love to hear the number one thing you’d like to enjoy or do before the Summer is over.  Please post your comment below in the comments section.

Summer fun list

  1. Visit the top of the Empire State Building listening to the song “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes
  2. Take weekly bike rides with my daughter in the evenings
  3. Host a BBQ in my backyard with some friends
  4. Get dressed up really sexy and go dancing at a lounge in DC
  5. Make basil and strawberry infused lemonade
  6. Enjoy a pop cycle sitting in my front porch swing with my dog Chewy
  7. Play volleyball on the beach
  8. Have a glass of wine while sitting on a blanket and listening to an outdoor concert 
  9. Sign up for another piano lesson
  10. Have weekend brunch at different places around the city and take pictures, yay!!!
  11. Oh and one last thing:  I want to enjoy one of my favorite things to do and that is to eat some fruit dipped in chocolate while sitting at my favorite monument.

Now, on to the fashion…

This outfit is absolutely fun to wear!  The fabric is a soft blend of rayon and spandex.  Its so easy breezy that I felt like a Goddess the moment I slipped it on. Rompers

I could have cropped out the people in the background, but I wanted you to get the feel of all the people around me.  I love the energy in DC.  Even on my busiest of weekends when I work straight through; if I go to DC even for an hour, I feel like I had a fun weekend. Rompers Gold belt Gold belt piece rompers

This outfit is what I love about fashion.  I believe each garment has its own personality.  This particular piece screams “Lets go have some fun Diamond!  And so we did.” piece rompers piece rompers Miu Miu crystal sandals

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  I will see you back here this Friday.  As always, thank you so much for reading!


Where I got it:

  • Romper – Venue in Bahamas (no website, but here’s #242-326-8079
  • Shoes – Miu Miu
  • Handbag – Kate Spade
  • Earrings – Bebe (old)
  • Gold Cuff – Forever 21
  • Belt – BCBG

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  1. LOVE this on you. You have me thinking I need to get my summer “to do”” list going and I will!! Thanks for always inspiring me and looking fabulous!!

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