Hoilday Glam Look # 2 :: Embossed Velvet & Cranberry Fur

Hoilday Glam Look # 2 :: Embossed Velvet & Cranberry Fur

Hi Guys!

Today’s Topic:

Finding the perfect gift

How do you know what to get the person you love?  Especially if its a person that already has everything they need. That is the BIG question this Holiday Season.  I love shopping and buying gifts.  Its so much fun to go into the stores and see whats new.  Doing this gets me immediately in the Holiday spirit.  However, it can be stressful if you are on a mission to find the perfect gift, but you have no idea what the person would want or use.

For these type of gifts, I recommend getting something that you know they would use.  Something that says you put some thought into it and eventually they will get around to enjoying it.   Here are some suggestions I came up with that are not necessary gender specific:

  • Scratch off lottery tickets
  • Parfume/ Calogne
  • Movie tickets
  • Gift Cards to restaurants or popular Dining spots like Subway
  • Starbucks gifts cards
  • Bottle of Wine
  • 1 hour Massage somewhere or any spa package
  • Vouchers at the local car wash
  • Lets Dish Gift Certificate – I believe they might even deliver the meals to them
  • Something for their pet
  • A gift basket of their favorite treats
  • Something personalized with photos like a calendar or coffee mug
  • Chanel Bag! – Hahaha – What! You don’t think this is a good one?  I think its every girl’s dream!

Anyway, these are some things I thought of that would be easy and fun to get for someone who kinda already has everything they need.  Happy Shopping!

Now, on to the fashion…..

Well, here it is…. My Casual Holiday Glam look #2!  Sometimes you want to dress up and be in the Holiday spirit, but you don’t want to wear a formal dress and heels.  This is another good compromise so you can look great and be comfortable also.

 DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 1

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 2

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 3

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 4

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 5

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 6

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 7

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 8

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 9

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 10

DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 11



DiamondLeone.com -Holiday Fashion Ideas 12


Thank you so much for reading! Have a great weekend.


What I’m wearing:

  • Top and Bottom – Strawberry Fashion
  • Boots – Gucci
  • Handbag – Chanel
  • Necklace – Bebe
  • Coat – Bebe
  • Vest – H&M (I think) or Strawberry Fashion


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