Bring On the Berry :: Snake Skin Patterns & Rhodolite Fantasies

Bring On the Berry :: Snake Skin Patterns & Rhodolite Fantasies

Hi Guys,

Its Friday and I have so much work to get caught up on this weekend.  Yes, still trying to make my blog and You Tube channel better.  Its a constant work in progress, but I love it.

Today’s outfit of the day is just a simple short and blazer combo that I picked up at Express.  I don’t usually buy the matching blazer with a pair of shorts because its a little boring for my taste, but this one was so adorable because of the snake skin pattern.  I couldn’t resist.  By combining the blazer, it  adds a bit of sophistication.  I love how the berry color makes a statement all by itself.

I love fashion and I can’t say it enough!  What I like about it, is each outfit has its own story.  Literally each morning when I wake up, my body is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with fashion. That’s how I see it.  That’s how I will always see it.  Damn, that felt kind of poetic just writing that. - Express snake skin patterned shorts - Jimmy Choo eggplant handbag -Express snakes skin patterned shorts and blazer (1) -Express snakes skin patterned shorts and blazer -fun up dos -Jimmy Choo eggplant handbag (1) -Jimmy Choo eggplant handbag -Levian Rhodolite necklace

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s fashion post.  I hope you feel inspired some way to kick up your wardrobe a notch.  Life is too short to go unnoticed!   I will see you guys back here this Monday with a brand new video.  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


What I’m wearing:

  • Shorts and top – Express
  • Shoes – Bebe
  • Jewelry – Levian Couture
  • Handbag – Jimmy Choo


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  1. Wow Diamond. This outfit is sheer perfection. I love everything about it! Your hair is awesome. I need to find some combs like that! The fabric, the cut , the colors aaaaaand of course the jewels.. BIIIIIIIIG Sigh as I think of those :). I would wear this in a second if the shorts were capris but then I’m thinking the print might be a tad to much.. U need to wear this a lot, it’s gorgeous on you .

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