Crazy Fun :: Flare Printed Dress & Neon Blue

Crazy Fun :: Flare Printed Dress & Neon Blue

Happy July 1st!

Can you believe we are half way through this year already!  I can’t.  This has really been an amazing year so far.  So much has happened in such a short period of time.  I literally feel myself growing and evolving with each new day.   On Friday, I wrote a post on “Leaving a Legacy” I mentioned that I would share mine.  My legacy that I would like to be remembered for is that I loved my family and I loved to laugh and be silly.  I embraced all things creative and through creative expression, was driven to touch people’s lives in some way.  I believed in living life to the FULLEST!  So there it is.

Today’s Topic:

Feeling great!

Have you ever had days where you were so productive, so efficient, so on fire?  Then some days, where you just don’t want to get out of bed.  You just feel tired and worn down.  I know I have.  I did a lot of research and here’s what I learned.  Not in every case, but in some cases, the significant difference between these two types of days can be directly related to my levels of energy.

I tried a bunch of different things to increase my energy levels.  Of all the things I tried, this one worked the best.  I bought a Vitamix blender and started doing what’s called “whole food juicing”.   Its where you take fruit and vegetables and you blend them until liquified and you drink it.  The vitamins and nutrients get absorbed much faster in to your bloodstream and you start to feel more energetic and alive.  Its pretty awesome and just like anything that’s cool and amazing, I wanted to share it with you guys.

Let me know if you’d like to see a video of exactly how I do this.  Its so easy and simple and only takes a few minutes to do.  I feel so much better on the days that I drink these shakes (that’s what I call them).  I can even share with you a recipe or two.  Let me know!

Now, on to the fashion….

We’ve had a lot of rain lately so I had to snap a few photos inside today.  With all the overcast days, I needed a little color to brighten the day! Johnson Dress wrist watch

Feeling fun and flirty today.  Why not, you only live once! Johnson Dress

This is a Betsy Johnson dress and let’s face it, she knows how to make a dress be anything but boring Jacob blue quilt bag

I paired these bright neon blue boots because I felt I needed something bold to balance out the print in the dress. Jacob blue quilt bag Dazzle Boots

I hope this brought a little cheer to your day.  Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have an awesome week.  Oh, 4th of July is this week!  Do you have any interesting plans?



Rock my look:

  • Dress and Earrings-Betsy Johnson
  • Boots – Shoe Dazzle
  • Handbag – Marc Jacobs
  • Watch – Levian

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  1. BEAUTIFUL COLORS!!! Amazing dress!!!

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